Stay calm, take a breath if nervous about solar eclipse

The upcoming solar eclipse on April 8 may make some people feel anxious.

Experts recommend making a plan, choosing a safe and comfortable location to watch, and consider who you are going with. If other people around you are calm, the more likely you also are to feel that way.

People can also try deep breathing exercises. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold for a couple seconds, and then breathe out through your mouth.

The reason this can happen, said Dr. Susan Albers, a psychologist with Cleveland Clinic, is because our brains have a built-in alarm system called the amygdala. When there is anything out of the ordinary in our environment, it clicks into hyperdrive, becomes aware of everything that is going on, and triggers a fight-or-flight response. That could make you feel nervous.

In all the excitement, it can be easy to forget about safety when viewing the solar eclipse, Dr. Albers said. She suggested practicing these exercises beforehand, so you are ready to go with your eclipse glasses.