Study looks at how bempedoic acid could help people with statin intolerance

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Results from a new study show just how effective a new medication is for people who have a statin intolerance.

Statins are used to help lower a person’s cholesterol and reduce their risk for cardiovascular events.

The study by Cleveland Clinic tested a drug called bempedoic acid.

Results found the medication helped reduce heart-related complications by 15%. It also lowered the risk for heart attack by 23%, and needing a stent or bypass surgery by 19%.

“It’s important for the public to understand that the vast majority of patients can – in fact – be treated with statins,” said Dr. Steven Nissen, a cardiologist. “The drugs are very effective, and they have been studied in hundreds of thousands of patients. We were studying a very special group of patients.”

There were some side effects of the drug, like a small increase in the risk of gout and the risk of gallstones.