Tips to serve up a germ-free Thanksgiving

Serving up a Thanksgiving gathering this year that is safe and germ-free should be at the top of your list, health experts say.

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With so many viruses still circulating, taking precautions should be as important as cooking that turkey right.

Doctors say the first step – if you’re the host, make sure you are up-to-date with vaccinations.

And ask friends and family who are gathering with you to be immunized as well.

Having hand sanitizer available is also a good idea.

And provide multiple hand towels for the bathroom. That way guests don’t have to all use the same towel to dry their hands.

And remember to be considerate to those who are most at risk.

You can space out seating too, so people aren’t all congregating in the same room.

And when it comes to serving up the feast, do plated meals instead of a buffet.

And finally, don’t take it personally if some invited guests opt to stay home this year, they may just be playing it safe.