Treating colds at home

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Doctors say if you think you’re sick, there are some good tips you can follow while you recover at home.

Drinking lots of fluids is essential. Non-caffeinated beverages are best.

Doctors with Cleveland Clinic Health also recommend herbal tea with honey and lemon for soothing sore throats. Giving your body enough rest is also recommended. Of course, over-the-counter medications can relieve symptoms too.

Dr. Neha Vyas says the common cold normally goes away on its own, but if you are starting to feel worse, make sure to talk to your physician.

“If you have trouble breathing, if you find that even a few steps makes you short of breath, if your fever doesn’t go away or if your cough or other symptoms don’t go away after a week, then certainly contact your healthcare provider right away,” said Vyas.

She adds it may be tempting to try some experimental remedies or supplements suggested online, but be careful. They could wind up making you feel even worse.