Treating heat exhaustion

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Heat illness is usually the result of overexertion in hot, humid weather. It can cause fatigue, muscle cramping or heat stroke. 

It’s recommended athletes drink plenty of fluids. Drink water the night before the game so they’ll be hydrated when the game begins.

Once play is underway, in addition to water, have saltier snacks to replace lost electrolytes and prevent cramping.

If an athlete appears to be suffering from heat exhaustion, it’s important to lower their body temperature as soon as possible.

“You put ice over their large arteries and blood vessels. You put ice in their groins, ice in the armpits and hose them down,” said Dr. Richard So, a pediatrician. “Number one thing is cool them down, get them in the shade, and then get them as hydrated as quickly as you can. Obviously, oral hydration would be the best.”

If an athlete has slurred speech, confused, or having hallucinations, they should get medical help right away.