Home redesign firm rebrands as Quality Design & Remodel

Home design business rebrands

Home design business rebrands

Quality PM, an award-winning design and home remodeling firm based in Delmar, has changed its name to Quality Design & Remodel.

The company has adapted to the Capital Region’s demand for design and home remodeling services over the past decade. Home remodeling became the firm’s primary focus in 2015. Since then, they’ve taken many steps to separate their original business as a property manager to focus on their home remodeling services.

The firm has more than doubled its sales revenue in the last three years or more, with the number of completed projects totaling around 40 to 60 in the same timeframe.

The firm recently expanded its capabilities by hiring a design team with 20+ years of combined experience, positioning Quality Design & Remodel as one of the few firms locally offering both design and remodeling services.

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