New Saratoga Springs hot spot Kindred offers wine, cuisine

New wine bar Kindred opens in Saratoga Springs

New wine bar Kindred opens in Saratoga Springs

A new place to enjoy everything from brunch to a glass of wine recently opened in downtown Saratoga Springs.

Kindred made its debut over the summer.

Ryan McFadden, who also owns the adjacent Henry Street Taproom, wants the community to check out the new spot.

“The one thing that we focus on is wines. we have all sorts of natural wines, orange wines, some newer age things, but also some classics. We want people to enjoy wine in a way that it’s more casual. They go out for a beer, come out and get a wine. We have all sorts of different price points and we have an awesome cocktail program,” he said.

The cuisine is another major attraction for guests at Kindred.

“Our food honestly may be the star of the show. Our food is super well-prepared. Our chefs are very talented. We cook everything right here in our wood-fired ovens, so they kind of put on a little show for you. It’s almost like going out to hibachi, except they’re making different kinds of food. You can watch them plate everything, pull it out of the oven,” he said.  

Kindred recently expanded its hours to offer brunch. Reservations are not required, but are available through Resy.MORE: visit