Woman rescued from burning Troy home

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TROY — Firefighters arriving at the scene on 8th Street in Troy were greeted by heavy smoke on the second floor of the brick building that’s a single family home.

A man was able to get three children out, but his wife was trapped in a second floor bedroom.

“While engine 4 kept the fire at bay, the lieutenant from truck 2 crawled down the hallway, found the bedroom, closed the bedroom door behind him and then removed the victim from a ladder on the side of the building,” said Troy Fire Chief Eric McMahon.

The firefighter who crawled through heat and smoke to the trapped woman was Lieutenant Daniel Bornhorst.

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The fire was in the front of the building and the back stairs were blocked, so there was no other option but to go out the window, and a ladder rescue is difficult.

“As you can see here, there’s not much space between the two buildings and she was on the top floor and the grade actually goes down here, so it was quite a steep angle for the ladder,”
said Lieutenant Bornhorst. “But because of some of the gear we have, we were able to put a harness around her and I was able to put her out the window to one of the firemen on the ladder who could guide her down.”

“Because the city of Troy is built on a hill, that second floor is actually like a third floor window, and they were able to remove her from that room,” said Chief McMahon. “The guys did an absolutely fantastic job.”

Orlando Santiago lives in the house. He says showed us a charred and burnt phone. He says it’s a free government phone that they got the day before yesterday, and that the phone was plugged in when it blew up.

“It almost killed me and my family,” he said.

Firefighters came back to the scene again after the clearing the area, just to make sure the fire had not re-kindled.