Woman’s online business started during COVID going brick-and-mortar in Colonie

While most of us remember 2020 as the year COVID began, Brantasia Graham remembers that date as the moment her designer brand – On Set Glam – took off.

People around her told her to hold off until the pandemic was over, but she had tunnel vision.

Most of us were working or attending school remotely, so the 35-year-old business owner used social media to reach people across the map – selling onesies.

What began as a onesie clothing brand quickly turned into something greater.

Brantasia sells handmade purses and jogging suits now. Each purse is crafted one by one, along with jogging suits, and has a logo embedded.

She credits her support system for helping her get this far.

Brantasia will soon be expanding from online, to a brick-and-mortar store in Colonie Center.

Learn more about what inspired Brantasia to push through despite the early challenges of the pandemic by watching the video of Tiffany Payton’s story.