DEC showcases efficient new heating system at Green Island facility

DEC leading the way in decarbonization

DEC leading the way in decarbonization with new water heat pump system.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is showcasing its highly efficient air-to-water heat pump system at its maintenance center in Green Island.

The system from Enertech Global is said to be the first of its kind in North America. The heat pump was integrated with the existing radiant heat floor tubing and provisions are included to add air conditioning for the office spaces. It also provides domestic hot water and the system maintains a high level of efficiency.

DEC is using heat pumps in more buildings and the goal is to see other businesses doing the same.

“So what I’m looking forward with this system is to be able to follow the governor’s requirement that we electrify our facilities, we move away from fossil fuels,” said Jim Morier, energy and tech services sector lead for the DEC.  

“This is really about saving money in the future, so even though the upfront cost is maybe a little more than some other alternatives, our efficiency sets us apart for the long term,” said Justin Jobe of Enertech Global.  

This system can save up to 40% of operating costs and the department is up to 50% more efficient than oil-fueled systems.