Kentucky egg entrepreneur, 3, in high-demand

You may be getting creative to find cheaper solutions to battle inflated egg costs. In fact, some local egg farmers are seeing an uptick in customers.

For one 3-year-old Kentucky girl, business is booming.

It started as a hobby for Aubrey Jo Toon, and a lesson in hard work from her mother Bridgett.

Once egg prices jumped, calls came nonstop. Friends were asking to buy a dozen eggs from Aubrey Jo.

Mom saw an opportunity for another lesson – making money.

The young girl is responsible for 13 hens, one rooster and five ducks.

She sells a dozen eggs for $3.

If you’re considering raising chickens of your own, it’s important to know the regulations for the city you live in.

Egg production cost is dependent on weather, transportation and the cost of materials to raise the chickens.

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