Meet the UK’s ugliest dog

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She’s perhaps not the prettiest creature, but she’s still very special. Peggy is officially Britain’s ugliest dog.

She’s a Chinese Crested and Pug cross – and this is the striking result of that genetic mix.

With her permanently dangling tongue, hairlessness and scruffy mohawk she’s always attracted attention wherever she goes.

Holly Middleton is Peggy’s owner and loves her dog very much, but she’s well aware of Peggy’s unconventional appearance.

Since winning Britain’s Ugliest Dog, Peggy has appeared on the two most popular breakfast television shows in the UK, and her photo has been published in newspapers.

Now people on the street recognize Peggy and instead of whispering they ask for selfies.

It might have taken fame for the public to accept Peggy, but for Holly it was love at first sight when she saw Peggy on a dog adoption website.

Peggy was already six months old and all of her brothers and sisters had been claimed, leaving Peggy alone.

Peggy has always looked like this, so when a competition looking for entrants for Britain’s Ugliest Dog appeared in the press, lots of Holly’s friends and family suggested Peggy should enter.

Part of the prize included a pooch pampering session at a dog spa and boutique.

Sam Burton is the spa manager at Everything But the Dog, and it’s her job today to get Peggy looking her best.

But without any fur to style and only a scrappy, spiky tuft on her head to work with, it’s going to be her biggest challenge yet.

The Britain’s Ugliest Dog competition was run by Parrot Print, a specialist canvas frame printer based in Welwyn.

The company receives thousands of photos from customers looking for framed prints to hang on their walls of all their handsome hounds.

Parrot Print thought it was time to honor all the aesthetically-challenged dogs and prove that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

They received hundreds of entries from across the UK and even internationally, but as soon as the judging panel saw Peggy’s photo they knew they’d found their winner.

Matthew Dahan, the director of Parrot Print, explained Peggy was the “complete package” in what they were looking for.

Holly runs Peggy’s popular Instagram profile called chug_life_x, updating it with lots of photos of Peggy’s daily life.

Since taking the title of Ugliest Dog, the mutt has been signed up to a dog modelling agency and there has even been interest from the movie industry.