Retired Lake George mayor reflects on challenges, shares outlook

Former Lake George mayor reflects on adversity

Former Lake George mayor reflects on adversity

The latest episode of the UpBeat podcast from Kelly’s Angels focuses on the retired mayor of Lake George.

Bob Blais led Lake George for more than 52 years before stepping down last year. He’s often credited with transforming the resort into one of the most popular family destinations in the country. However, it wasn’t always easy.

He was the leader of the Lake George community during its darkest time – October 2005 – when the Ethan Allen tour boat capsized, taking the lives of 20 tourists.

In his personal life, he nearly died from hepatitis while attending Boston University as a young man.

Many years later, be battled and beat cancer. Through it all, Blais, 86, told NewsChannel 13’s Mark Mulholland that he always looks for the good in things.

“I have this saying that I’ve used. ‘Take a good smell of the flowers because you’re not going down that path again.’ And that’s what I feel everyone should do. No matter what adversity they have, smell the flowers. They’re good,” he said.

The mayor is not completely retired. He was hired as Warren County’s special events director and has already scheduled more than 80 special events this year that will attract visitors from all over the world.

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