‘Save A Life’ Blood Drive to begin Tomorrow

When some of us donate blood we often wonder – where is it going? 

Some of that blood is used for pregnancy delivery complications — something Sara Hiens knows all too well. 

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“Jameson was born about a year ago. It was an eventful situation to say the least. We both required life saving interventions,” Hiens said.

“Shortly after Jameson arrived, I suffered a massive hemorrhage,” Hiens added

Hiens needed 8 units of blood donation. 

“8 units  for someone my size is about the equivalent for my body volume,” Hiens explained. 

Blood units of that amount that put her in of life or death situation. 

“It was something where if that hospital didn’t have that on hand, I wouldn’t be here today,” Hiens said. 

Shortly after his arrival, her son Jameson was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. 

“He is beating all the odds. He was not supposed to walk. He wasn’t supposed to do much of anything but he’s been proving them all wrong,” said Hiens.

Sara and her son Jameson beat the odds because someone decided to make a big difference with a small donation. 

She says that’s why people should come out to donate blood tomorrow. 

“Regardless of the blood type that you have blood donation is used not only for emergency situations but also for situations that are planned,” Hiens said.

Sara is also hosting her own blood drive on may 6th.