South Carolina goat prepares for new prosthetic hoof

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A goat in South Carolina will now be able to walk around the farm a bit easier, thanks to a new prosthetic hoof. 

Princess Aurora is now a spoiled 2-year-old girl. However, life didn’t start easy. 

When she was born, her mother was a first time mom and didn’t really know how to care for her. She cleaned her rather aggressively, and damaged her hoof. 

Aurora spent the first hours of her life in surgery, and ended up with a partial hoof. 

She learned to adapt and figured out a way to walk on it, but still had some problems. The farm looked for a solution to help. 

Aurora was fitted for her first prosthetic hoof at the end of 2021, thanks to a veterinarian at the University of Florida. 

Now Aurora has grown, and will soon get a new prosthetic. 

Learn how researchers hope to give Aurora an even more normal life than they’ve already tried to give her by watching the video from WYFF.