Supervisor: Warning system for Glenridge Road bridge steering trucks to Maple Avenue

Glenridge Road warning system diverting traffic

Glenridge Road bridge hit warning system working but it seems like it is diverting traffic to Maple Avenue.

Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle said the new height warning system for the Glenridge Road bridge is steering trucks to Maple Avenue, which is just over a mile away.

The Glenridge Road bridge recently got a new $1.4 million over-height vehicle detection system. It has sensors, message boards and flashing beacons designed to alert drivers they say are in danger of striking the low-clearance bridge ahead. There’s also a turnaround area for trucks.

“It’s clear that what the state did at the Glenridge Road Bridge has lessened the impact there, but it seems to have increased it here. So, there needs to be a comprehensive approach between the state and the county. The problem is that is a state road. This is a county road. We’re going to need to deal with two levels of government.”

Koetzle said the federal government should step up and provide funding for new infrastructure to fix this problem.