Title hoops: Glens Falls loses to Binghamton

GLENS FALLS – For thirty-five straight years the New York State Boys High School Basketball Championships had been contested in Glens Falls. What the community learned this week was that nothing is forever.

It’s been on the rustic hardwood floor of the Cool Insuring Arena where legends have been born and hoop dreams fulfilled. After the state championship tournament wraps up in March, the games will move to Binghamton for at least the next three years.

Chip Corlew is the long time tournament director.

“There’s no bitterness,” he said. “You can look at the way this was done. It was up front. We all knew the process. We’re not bitter, we’re motivated.”

While folks in Warren County remain motivated, State Public High School Athletic Association officials who declared Binghamton to the be the winner, remain adamant their decision came in the spirit of fairness.

“We want every venue in this state, regardless of where they’re located to have an equal and fair chance of bidding and potentially receiving an award to go ahead and host our state championship event,” Zayas stated.

Zayas says both Glens Falls and Binghamton submitted comparable bids, however the Binghamton paperwork was interpreted by the NYSPHSAA’s Executive Committee as saving the Association a little more money.

Paul Bricoccoli, who runs the Dugout Sports Bar near the arena, says the economic impact of having 30,000 to 40,000 people in town will be difficult to recoup, which is why when the tournament leaves town, it leaves him super frustrated.

“From a business standpoint it hurts us,” he said. “It’s our busiest weekend of the year. All the people and friends we’ve made we will miss, and we will miss the revenue.”

After the three-year contract is up, Chip Corlew says he will do everything within his power to make sure Glens Falls gets back in the game.