Video shows attack, then garbage truck collision in Cohoes

Police say there was a domestic incident Monday afternoon on North Mohawk Street in Cohoes.

[anvplayer video=”5195579″ station=”998132″]

Roxsand tells us her child’s father showed up, leaving his car in the street blocking traffic.

“When Matthew pulled up with not one, but two kitchen knives in his hands, threatening to kill me, anyone involved with me, both of my girlfriends that were sitting there with me.”

Video shows a man with knives in both hands, swinging them as he walks towards a Twin Bridges truck that was stuck behind his car.

“The Twin Bridges garbage man beeped and said move out of the way. And he was like oh, you want it, too? And started slamming his knife, and the man’s window was open about a good five, six inches. So I mean, he did what he was supposed to do to protect him and his partner in that truck.”

The man chases after the truck, trying to jump on, then the truck hits his car door and he gets into his car and drives after the truck, up the hill torward LePage’s Market.

Surveillance video from the store shows what happens next.

The Twin Bridges truck comes up the street, the grey car zooms past on the left, front door hanging off, cuts in front of the truck and gets hit.

“Then after that, maybe ten minutes later, the person that was driving the grey car came in and said, Tony, I need a cup of water or something. I need a cup of water, I got to go,” said Tony LePage, owner of LePage’s Market.

The driver turns the damaged car around in the street, stopping traffic, and again goes after the truck.

Police later arrested Matthew Powers.

Roxsand is trying to get an order of protection.

“So we’ve been trying to be good, co-parent exist. And then, this! I have to protect my children.”

In Cohoes, Powers in facing charges of menacing and criminal possession of a weapon at this point, and the investigation continues.