Experience ‘Barbie’ life at Malibu Barbie Café pop-up in New York

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Ahead of the upcoming “Barbie” movie, a pop-up café is open in New York with another set for Chicago.

Presented by Bucket Listers, the two-story café provides an immersive experience, replet with life-size Barbie accessories.

Operations manager Nyeri Stepanian explains.

“We have a life-sized Barbie doll box. You can stand in there and look like a real-life Barbie. We have a sandbox you can play in. We’ve got a swing you can swing on; essentially a surfboard, you can stand on all kinds of photo moments going on.”

Stepanian says the patrons range from newborns to seniors.

“Barbie is so universal and it’s made for everyone, and so is this restaurant and experience.”

Stepanian says she played with Barbie growing up and had the accessories and the outfits but she never had the coveted Dream House.

“It was just amazing to be able to do this myself as a restaurant operator,” she said.

The “Barbie” movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling arrives in theaters on July 21.

You can live out your Barbie dreams at the Malibu Barbie Café through Sept. 15.