Robot dog uses AI to print art critiques

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A robotic terrier with fluffy hair named AICCA analyses artworks thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and prints the critique under its tail.

This robot’s name stands for Artificially Intelligent Critical Canine.

Thanks to its camera, printer, and AI, the robot prints art critiques of artworks.

It was created by artist Mario Klingemann, who wants to debate the use of AI in a provocative way.

“When it has recognized a piece, it will take a closer look and analyze it. It will look for forms, shapes, abstract concepts. It tries to extract all these and turn them into a text prompt” says Klingemann.

This project pokes fun at the art critic, responds to cute-obsessed social media and turns art spaces back to experimentation playgrounds.

The author of the work analysed by the dog at Colección SOLO, David Oliver “Grip Face”, says he is impressed with the critique because many of the elements that the robot has picked up are elements that he had in mind when creating the work.

“It was very interesting because when it analyzed the work, when it defecated the text, the elements and symbologies that it analyzed appeared, 80% of them had a lot to do with the original concept. So I was quite taken aback, it was very interesting,” says Oliver.

Inspired partly by the Electric Monk, a labour-saving robot created by the comic science fiction writer Douglas Adams, AICCA is now ready to travel to art fairs and exhibitions.

AP video shot by: Irene Yagüe Herrero