Anti-bullying advocate from Niskayuna spreads message of kindness

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Niskayuna High School graduate Isabella Sementilli is giving back directly to her school and spreading a message of kindness to other districts. She is on a journey she never saw coming, and now leading a charge as if she were born to do it.

When Sementilli was in fifth grade, a classmate pulled her chair out from underneath her as she went to sit down. She smacked her head on the chair so hard it gave her a concussion. She was then diagnosed with two rare, debilitating headache disorders.

All of that plus a fractured tailbone halted her dreams of being a Rockette. She could no longer take the physicality of tap dance or playing tennis.

Isabella’s experience as a student would never be the same either. By the eighth grade, she was placed on homebound instruction until the day she graduated from Niskayuna High School.

Since that bully caused her injuries, Isabella has become a champion for the anti-bullying message. She has spoken to kids at more than a dozen different schools, been recognized by leaders in the community and she’s even written a book.

Learn about how you can help support her efforts by watching the video of Chris Onoratos story.