Maine boy turns farming passion into growing business

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Brayden Nadeau, 12, has turned his passion for farming into a business. The Maine boy grows, raises and cares for animals that he eventually sells.

While Brayden might not be able to drive a car for four more years, he always knew he wanted to be behind the wheel of a tractor. Two years ago, he started his first farm stand.

Grandfather Dan Herrick has always had a farm at his home, but never more than a way to feed his family. Now Brayden essentially runs the family farm himself and has grown it even in the last few years, opening a farm stand for the community.

He starts his vegetables from seed, and raises livestock — turkeys and chickens for meat and eggs — and pigs for both meat and breeding.

Brayden works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week in the summer.

He’s outgrown the original farm stand he and his grandpa made two years ago and made enough money to buy a new one!

He also has invested in tools for the farm, and learned how to fix things if and when they break.

He says he thinks he’s learning a lot more out in the fields than he would be sitting in front of a TV.

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