Proper rest, nutrition key components to successful school year

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After a long, leisurely summer, it might be hard for kids to get into the swing of things to perform their best throughout the school year.

To help kids get the rest they need – tablets, smartphones, and video game consoles should be turned off well before your child’s bedtime, experts noted. These electronics emit blue light, which can make it difficult for kids to fall asleep.

You should also pack a nutritious lunch for your kids. Do your best to include whole grains, such as fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy.

Studies show that drinking plenty of water reduces cavities and improves children’s readiness to learn, so think about sending your child off with a reusable bottle of fresh water.

To prepare for the upcoming flu season, everyone who is eligible should also get a flu shot by the end of October and COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible.