Viral video shows Glens Falls trick-or-treater leaving candy at empty house

A trick-or-treater is caught leaving candy at a home in Glens Falls

If integrity is judged by what you do when no one is watching, then a little trick-or-treater from Glens Falls has a lot of integrity.

A child trick-or-treating in Glens Falls realized a house had no candy sitting out for Halloween, and a video of what he did next is getting attention on social media.

“If you’re not home, that’s OK, but I’m going to leave some candy for you so you have trick-or-treaters, okay?” Thatcher Marra said on the home security video.

A home security camera captured the 8-year-old elementary school student digging into his own treats, leaving candy on the porch for the next trick-or-treater. 

“I just put some candy of mine so you guys have trick or treaters,” he announced.

“That’s really sweet, buddy,” his mother said in the background.

Irma Hamblin arrived home later to a surprise — candy on her doorstep. When she checked her video, she couldn’t believe what she saw.

Hamblin had been at work at the restaurant she and her husband own, Grumbellies Eatery in Fort Ann.

She said it’s been a transitional time for the business, on top of two tragic, sudden losses of a friend and a young boy, beloved members of the community, who passed away recently.

“Just so much sadness, and you get home from a hard day, and I see candy on the floor and I said, where did this candy come from?” she said.

Hamblin posted the video on social media. It’s getting some attention there, with already more than 10,000 views.  

Marra’s parents said it’s an example of what their son is like.

“It’s heartwarming. It makes me very proud as a father, as a parent, that that’s how he is and that’s his morals and what he wants to do,” said his father, Adam Marra.

Thatcher dressed up as a plumber for Halloween, what he aspires to be one day. Marra said the video captures him just being himself.

“That’s who Thatcher is. He’s a helper. He always wants to help,” he said.

Hamblin is putting together a celebration at Grumbellies on Saturday at 5:00 p.m. with a free pizza dinner and several surprises for Thatcher.

“I think it’s worth recognizing that kind of kindness in kids today,” she said.