Glens Falls woman brings social work outdoors

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Ryan Reynolds, Meghan Markle, Simone Biles and Michael Phelps are just some of the people who have come forward to discuss the importance of mental health. Equally important as taking away the stigma surrounding mental health is providing various options for people to have access to it.

Chelsea Bolles of Glens Falls is trying to do just that.

It’s called Mindful Movement Therapy. There are no walls. The therapy office is the great outdoors, and takes place while you are walking or running.

Bolles stressed this type of therapy is not about athleticism or weight loss, so people don’t have to fear exercise.

Mindful Movement Therapy is not a new concept, but people in the United States may not be as familiar with it or the benefits of it.

Learn more about what those are by watching the video of Elaine Houstons story.

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