Journalism journey part of larger dream for NewsChannel 13 reporter

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Tiffany Payton grew up just minutes from downtown Chicago, but she hardly ever got to experience the excitement of downtown – the shops, the skyscrapers, the life that flowed through that area.

She wasn’t alone. The southside of Chicago was filled with kids whose economic situation determined their futures.

One day, a group Tiffany was in called My Block, My Hood, My City went to the Chicago ABC station. The trip outside her Chatham, Illinois neighborhood changed her life forever.

The group was started by Jahamal Cole, who had a simple idea, change a kid’s environment and change their hopes and dreams.

That idea worked for Tiffany. By meeting a reporter at the Chicago TV station, she was able to see who she possibly could be.

Tiffany would go on to college, and then NewsChannel 13 would become the first TV station to make Tiffany’s dream come true.

Learn more about how Tiffany is now inspiring people in the group that inspired her by watching the video of Elaine Houstons story.