Albany man, 26, dies after being hit by car in Pittsfield

Albany man hit by car in Pittsfield identified

Albany man hit by car in Pittsfield identified

A man from Albany who was hit by a car in Pittsfield last week has died.

Noor Khan Zendran, 26, passed away from his injuries on Monday, the Pittsfield Police Department said.

An 85-year-old woman crashed into the victim around 3:30 pm on Friday while driving north on Central Berkshire Boulevard, officials said.

The woman allegedly continued driving after hitting Zedran, which caused another accident. Daly then left the roadway following the second accident and crashed into a tree, according to officials.

The driver was taken to Berkshire Medical Center and later transported to Albany Medical Center by helicopter, where he died.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing at this time.