Attorney: Schenectady woman accused of dropping baby in pipe indicted in county court

Woman charged in baby’s death back in court

Woman charged in baby's death back in court. The case will be moved to county court for a new indictment.

The woman accused of dropping her baby down a pipe at General Electric’s campus has been indicted in county court, according to her attorney.

Persia Nelson, 24, was back in Schenectady City Court on Friday for a hearing. She has been charged with murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of her 10-month-old baby Halo.

Public defender Stephen Signore said Nelson has been indicted on two charges and the case is heading to Schenectady County Court. However, Signore said he didn’t know what the charges were at this point.

“It’s probably going to be close to, if not mirror the charges that she had here,” he said. 

When asked to comment on Nelson’s mental state and whether it would be a factor in the trial, Signore said it was too soon to comment on that and that his client is sad and in “the state of a mom who’s lost her child.”

Nelson was found at the GE campus on Sunday inside a heated utility building. She told police she had no idea how she got there or where her baby was.

A search of the property found the baby inside the utility tunnel in muddy water up to her chest. Halo died from exposure.

Police said she had been at an address on Campbell Avenue on Saturday night and entered the GE property at 12th street. Nelson had posted to social media that she had been drinking. Her friends said she was drinking and smoking marijuana and then left the residence.

Text messages from GE employees obtained by NewsChannel 13 said she was vomiting and soaking wet from the waist down.

Signore said he could not comment on whether his client was intoxicated. He has not had a chance to examine all the evidence that the district attorney has to provide.

“I’d be doing a disservice to my client,” he said.

Family members were in the courtroom. Many of them wearing jackets with a picture of baby Halo printed on it.

When asked whether the family was in court to support baby Halo or Persia Nelson, Signore said he did not know. He has only been in contact with Nelson’s mother, who believed was in the courtroom.

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