Convicted driveway shooter now being housed at Elmira prison

Monahan sent to Elmira Correctional Facility

Monahan sent to Elmira Correctional Facility to serve his sentence for shooting and killing Kaylin Gillis.

Kevin Monahan, the Washington County man sentenced to up to life in prison for shooting and killing Kaylin Gillis in his driveway last April is being housed at Elmira Correctional Facility.

Monahan, 66, was assigned to the prison in the Southern Tier last Thursday.

Monahan is serving a sentence of 26 1/3 years to life in prison after being convicted of second-degree murder, reckless endangerment and tampering with physical evidence.

Monahan killed Gillis, 20, who was a passenger in an SUV that had turned around in the driveway of his Hebron home on April 15. 

He was convicted following a two-week trial in January and sentenced on March 1.

His lawyers are planning to appeal the conviction.

Civil case update

The Gillis family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Monahan. They have asked a judge to freeze $5 million of his assets to prevent him from spending it on the appeal.

Don Boyajian, attorney for the Gillis family, wrote in a March 14 filing in Saratoga Supreme Court that he is speaking with the Monahans’ attorneys, and they are willing to stipulate that there would be no further transfer of assets pending resolution of this matter.

A hearing was originally scheduled for Thursday, March 21, but Boyajian is requesting the matter be adjourned until at least April 8.