Family tries to rebuild after home demolished

It’s been nearly a month, and the woman who watched her home be torn down in an emergency demolition is trying to start fresh and rebuild.

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Catherine Brown’s daughter, Marsha Davis, described the horror they all felt watching everything their mother worked hard for destroyed in just a few hours.

“My mother mentioned to me when it started to come down, her knees kind of buckled,” said Davis.

An emergency demolition was executed on Catherine Brown’s home on July 27. The initial call was about her roof, but after further inspection, building engineers deemed the house unlivable and a threat to the homes directly next to it.

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Davis says her mother is currently living with her now. She says the insurance won’t cover any of the damage because they claim the roof was damaged two years ago, but Davis says they were never made aware of that.

“She did a roof when she first moved there, and she did a roof again in 2018. So 2020 when they came out about that claim, they should have said something,” she said.

Marsha tells me her mother came to this country in 1994. She watched her mother work as a single mother to be able to provide a better life for her children.

“It’s hard, you know something you invest in and then for it to just go like that with nothing, it’s hard.  

Marsha says her mother always thought she’d retire in her home, but now that dream has been shattered. The family has created a gofundme with hopes to build a new home.