First on 13: Deed included in Albany’s Schuyler statue time capsule

The time capsule found in the base of the Gen. Philip Schuyler statue in front of Albany City Hall came with a set of instructions.

One of the items in the time capsule discovered after the statue was removed was a deed. It’s dated May 7, 1925 and signed by George Hawley. He was the man who gifted the statue to the city in memory of his late wife. The deed instructs what should happen to the contents of the time capsule once opened.

“This box and its contents are hereby given to the Mayor or Chief Executive of the City of Albany, New York, to be placed by him in the custody of a historical society of the City of Albany, which in his judgement shall be best fitted to use and preserve the same,” the deed said.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan will hold a news conference Thursday to reveal more details about the time capsule and what the city plans to do with its contents.

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