Foul smell in North Albany, Menands keeps DEC officials busy

The Department of Environmental Conservation is working with commercial and industrial facilities in the North Albany area to investigate complaints of foul odors.

13Investigates reported last month that DEC was getting reports of a stench near the I-787 and I-90 interchange. People told NewsChannel 13’s Tessa Bentulan that it smelled like rotten eggs or sewage.

Since receiving complaints, NewsChannel 13 has learned that DEC’s Divisions of Air, Water and Materials Management have been visiting facilities that have air permits in the geographic area to determine recent changes to operations that could be contributing to the reported increased odors.

Residents are encouraged to report unfamiliar or unpleasant odors to DEC by calling 518-357-2045 or sending an email to People are asked to provide as many details as possible, including the location, time of day, duration, frequency of the odor, description of the odor and wind conditions during the time.