Moreau man heading to prison for 2018 shooting that paralyzed neighbor

He walked free for three and a half years after he was sentenced for shooting his neighbor. Now a Moreau man is finally heading to prison.

Joey Castro, 29, came to court Monday knowing he’d seen his last freedom for a long time.

He was sentenced back in December 2018 for firing eight shots from an assault rifle into Mike Desnoyers’ garage, where Desnoyers, his girlfriend Rebecca Lackey, and Desnoyers’ stepson, Charles Miles, were.

One of the bullets went through Desnoyers’ spine, leaving him confined to a wheelchair.

However, Castro walked free. Even though he was convicted at trial, and sentenced to up to 46 years in prison. A higher court judge allowed Castro to remain free until his appeal was heard.

Last week, the Appellate Division agreed with the verdict and sentencing. That meant Castro would return to court to learn his sentence for handing Desnoyers a lifetime of punishment.

Castro was given the opportunity to speak.

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