Dramatic details revealed during Princetown murder suspect’s court appearance

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The man accused of killing two people in Schenectady County faced a judge Monday evening. After hearing several testimonies, the judge ruled that there is enough reasonable and probable cause against Nicholas Fiebka to move the case forward to a grand jury.

The hearing included testimony from the son of one of the victims, as well as an investigator who said there were dozens of shell casings found at the scene.

Police say Fiebka shot and killed his mother, 60-year-old Alesia Wadsworth, and her long term boyfriend, 61-year-old William Horwedel, last Tuesday.

Horwedel’s son, Jessie Michael Horwedel, was the first to testify in court. The son, who’s a state trooper, recalled he was at work doing paperwork that day. He heard a call come out around 12:30 p.m. for a deceased male at his father’s address, 1155 Reynolds Rd. in Princetown.

Jessie Horwedel explained how he ran out of the station and drove as fast as he could to his father’s home, calling him over and over, but his father never answered. When the trooper got to his father’s home, he said he was stopped by his co-worker, and was not allowed to enter the home.

He said he told the other trooper, “Please tell me that’s not my father.” But at the time, all police could tell him was the victim was an older male.

Jessie Horwedel then asked if there was a silver sedan at the house, because that’s the car Fiebka drove. He said he had concerns Fiebka was responsible. When questioned why he suspected Fiebka, the trooper said Fiebka had a rocky relationship with his mother.

The second witness to take the stand was the lead investigator on the homicide. He testified that the Jessie Horwedel and his two brothers, as well as other family members, claim Fiebka made previous statements that he wanted to kill his mother.

The investigator said on Nov. 21, the day before the bodies were discovered, doorbell camera video showed a person entering the home at 5:24 p.m. with a mask on, a long rifle, and a drum magazine. The investigator said he heard multiple gunshots go off on the video and then the person left the house.

The third witness with the forensic identification unit said when he entered the home, there were two dead bodies — a woman faced down on the kitchen floor and a man on the couch in the living room. In his testimony he said blood was splattered on the walls and ceiling and there was a pool of blood in the basement coming from the kitchen area where the woman’s body laid.

In total, he said there were 44 casings in the home.

During a routine suicide screening at the Schenectady County Jail, a correction’s officer read one of the questions asked of Fiebka when he was first brought in. The question was, “Have you lost a loved one recently?” The officer said Fiebka’s answer was, “I killed my mother.”

After the preliminary hearing, Fiebka was sent back to the Schenectady County Jail, with no bail.