Saratoga Police: Most images taken in park are at least 15 years old

Images of women in a Saratoga park are at least 15 years old, according to an update provided by Saratoga Police.

Police said people who recognized women in the images reported the images to be dated. Police said they were unaware of any recent pictures or recordings.

“While the activity on the social media account is recent, those who have recognized subjects of the images and have come forward report that the images are at least 15 years old,” Saratoga Police said in a Facebook post. “At this time, we are unaware of recent photos or recordings being taken.”

“We are taking this matter seriously and our Investigations Division is working diligently to identify subjects, their ages, exact locations/movements, and the time the images were taken. Due to the fact that this investigation is still underway, we cannot release more information at this time. If we become aware of any recent activity we will update the public immediately,” police said.

In the original post, police said there was no threat to the public and encouraged people to call them at (518) 584-1800 if they noticed any suspicious activity or had information regarding the images and recordings.

NewsChannel 13 will continue to follow this developing story.