Testimony resumes Monday in Klein trial with info about accused killer’s cell phone data

Testimony will continue Monday morning in the trial of the man accused of killing a New Scotland man in his home in April 2022.

Jacob Klein is accused of murdering Philip Rabadi at his home.  

A witness is expected to testify on Monday about data retrieved from Klein’s cell phone.   

Jurors ended the week on Friday with testimony from the pathologist who performed the autopsy. Dr. Bernard Ng showed photos of the deep stab wounds on Rabadi’s body.

Ng testified that defensive wounds, including cuts along his hairline and ear, showed that Rabadi did everything he could to turn his neck to prevent being stabbed in the area of the carotid artery.

Rabadi worked as a physician assistant – as does Klein – and would have been aware of the grave risk of death from being stabbed in that area of the body.   

NewsChannel 13 Stella Porter will be in the courtroom and have updates throughout the day on TV and online.