Family confronts convicted killer in New Scotland murder sentencing

Rabadi family addresses Klein

The family of Philip Rabadi was able to confront the man convicted of killing him.

Friday Philip Rabadi’s father, mother, brother and sister read victim impact statements before Jacob Klein was sentenced to 25 years to life for Rabadi’s April 2022 murder at his New Scotland home.

Klein watched each of the family members who read their statements in court.

The family expressed their fear that if Klein is not kept behind bars, he would pose a clear and present danger to the Rabadi family and the family of Rabadi’s widow, Elana Radin.

“We already know what he did, he already knows what he did, and what he’s capable of doing and he has nothing, nothing to lose. It’s not whether if he could but he will,” said Shaw Rabadi, Philip’s father, who allowed media to record his statement.

Radin did not offer a victim impact statement. She testified at trial about Klein’s continued contact with her even as she set boundaries and moved on with her life.

Family members say Klein still danger to their safety

The Rabadi family was finally able to say their piece.

Klein rolled his eyes when the assistant district attorney said Klein wanted to represent himself because he wanted to force Radin to interact with him.

One of Klein’s attorneys told reporters after court Friday that is not the reason why Klein wanted to represent himself, but did not give any other explanation.

Klein represented himself but had standby attorneys advising his side during the trial and on Friday to provide assistance.

Klein addressed the family after the victim impact statements were read.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I hope this sentencing proceeding will give them some peace.” 

Judge William Little also had strong words before he delivered the sentence.

“I’ve almost had to question my own humanity the last couple of days, because I struggle to find any humanity in Mr. Klein,” the judge said in court.