Ex-hospital worker gets six months for stealing ring from sleeping patient

Ex-hospital employee who stole ring gets 6 months in jail

Ex-hospital employee who stole ring gets 6 months in jail

A former Albany Medical Center worker who admitted to stealing a ring from a sleeping patient was sentenced on Monday to six months in jail.

Caitlin Mullaney, 36, of Slingerlands, had pleaded guilty in January to a felony count of fourth-degree grand larceny. She stole the ring from the finger of a 75-year-old patient while she was sleeping on a stretcher in the emergency room.

The Albany County District Attorneys’ Office said the victim’s daughter, Kim Fitzpatrick-Perrella, told the court that her mother died on Sept. 11.

“Her dying wish was that I would get the ring back, her only item of value left before she died, to wear on my finger for the rest of my life, to remember her by,” Fitzpatrick-Perrella said.

The day before her first holiday without her mom, Fitzpatrick-Perrella had to review evidence that the ring had been melted down in exchange for $120, she said.

“I am glad that regardless of the reason, Caitlin did finally admit to what she did, and deep in my heart, I hope that she is actually sorry,” she said.

Mullaney also must serve five years of probation after her sentence and make restitution.