Safford declares victory in Saratoga Springs mayoral race; Kim concedes

John Safford declares victory in Spa CIty race; Kim not conceding

John Safford declares victory in Spa CIty race; Kim not conceding.

Republican Saratoga Springs challenger John Safford declared victory Tuesday evening against incumbent Democrat Ron Kim, who has conceded.

“This is a historic and wonderful victory for the hardworking families and residents of Saratoga Springs,” said Safford, in a statement. “I pledge to work with everyone to advance the interests of our beautiful city. I will always support our law enforcement, and I will bring back civility to city hall, which is what the voters deserve.”

Safford had 3,752 votes compared with 3,172 for Kim, according to unofficial returns. Third-party candidate Chris Mathiesen got 1,420.

Kim campaigned on following through with his commitments, and said he is repairing crumbling city infrastructure, expand affordable housing and tackling homelessness, building community, and increasing transparency in government.

However, Kim got into an argument with Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino in May, who also appears to have lost reelection to challenger Timothy Coll.

The video was posted online by police, and you could hear Kim screaming and cursing.

Kim blew up because he felt police were not addressing an alleged threat made to him, he said.

13Investigates also obtained a private phone message between Kim and Montagnino immediately following the fight, where Kim continues to scream and throw around expletives.

Safford told NewsChannel 13 he plans to restore civility in City Hall.

Screaming matches, profanity, and disruption in our place of democracy have become the new normal in the city, said Safford.

He also plans to work with the public safety commissioner and police to return to community-based policing and ensure Saratoga Springs has the resources it needs for residents to feel safe.

Safford was recently publicly endorsed for mayor by Montagnino, a Democrat.

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