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Bosnian native opens her heart and voice to help others back home

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Albany councilmember on mission to change face of politics

Ballston Spa woman offers to plan Disney trip for you

Bras providing 'lift' in self-esteem for women in need

Capital Region women among hundreds of thousands to march in Washington

Woman creates beautiful art using hair as the canvas

When you think of mermaid, chances are it’s the mythical, beautiful, half-human half sea creation. That’s one definition. However, the one we’re talking about has women "dyeing" to meet a Scotia woman.

Woman organizing food co-op in downtown Schenectady

Downtown Schenectady has lots of things, from businesses to banks to Proctors Theatre. However, there’s one woman who says downtown is missing something – a grocery store. She’s making it her business to change that.

YWCA leader an advocate helping women overcome life’s challenges

A local woman is thankful for the women she works with. These are women some have forgotten about, but not Daquetta Jones. That's because she used to be one of those women.

‘Knitted Knockers’ boost self-confidence of breast cancer survivors

Two local women are trying to help breast cancer survivors, and they’re doing it with just a knitting needle and some yarn.

Woman puts pen to paper to encourage depression dialogue

More than 43 million Americans a year suffer from mental illness. One woman is hoping her story will offer hope.

Woman becomes youngest president of Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians

Native Americans have a philosophy that says “we don't own the land, it owns you, so you're a part of it.” But colonial wars, a reduction in their numbers and encroachment from white settlers would eventually uproot the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians from their land. It's a history etched in the mind of Shannon Holsey forever.

Woman cuts through chainsaw boundaries with unique art

Anytime you think of someone using a chainsaw, you probably think of a man. However, one woman is cutting through that perception through her amazing and unique art.

Tight ‘knit’ group saves Altamont business

Every day, we hear of businesses closing their doors, but we’ve found a group of women with a business model that just might help business stay in business.

Loudonville woman at her best when helping others

She volunteers and gives back, some say, to a fault. However, a Loudonville woman is in her element when she is helping others.

Female racing analyst hopes to be a trendsetter in the industry

Gabby Gaudet, 25, could be attracting a new generation to racing. In a profession and sport that's traditionally been male, she's one of the few female handicappers and the newest and youngest racing analyst for NYRA TV.

St. Rose professor supports students in and out of classroom

Sister Mary Anne Nelson, a professor at The College of St. Rose, supports her students in and out of the classroom.

Woman with a passion for words turns them into a reality

For poet Danielle Colin, words have always been powerful! Early on, the poems were for her-helping her maneuver through the challenges of life-then other people started listening to the words she spoke.

Local woman devotes life to getting people healthy

Diane Hart, the president and executive director of the National Association of Health and Fitness, has spent 30 years urging people to get healthy.

Play examines challenges of Liberian Civil War

It's a story of anger, loss of dignity, family, and even your name. This Broadway play is called Eclipsed and the tears are real. However, this play won't let you go. It sucks you in. The Liberian Civil War was a conflict where women were kidnapped and abused by soldiers. Actress Angeligue Powell was in high school during the war.

Flip-flops make a hopeful impression to inspire others

A little inspiration is what a group of women in Cobleskill is trying to offer beachgoers this summer. All they have to do is walk.

Woman creates obstacle course to challenge all 'Vikings'

Forget those intense physical challenge shows on television. A local woman has an obstacle course she would love for you to try. It's the Viking Obstacle Course, located about 45 minutes outside of Albany at Sunny Hill Golf Course and Resort in Greenville.

Woman who emerged from homelessness helping others do the same

Our deepest hurts sometimes give birth to amazing things. That’s the case of a Schenectady woman who went through some of her hardest years of her life, only to emerge and help people going through what she did.

Former Essence Magazine editor speaks at Glen Sanders Mansion

Before black women were on the cover of Glamour or O Magazine, they graced the cover of Essence. Started in the 1970s, it was the premier magazine for African American women and Susan Taylor was the editor-in-chief.

Woman credits husband for 'jerky' success

The saying is: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” For a Granville woman, her husband loves her homemade jerky. What she didn’t know is how his love for the dried meat would turn her into an entrepreneur.

Women proving they've got the karate chops

Linda Podrazik loved karate. However, 40 years ago, her gender made it hard for her to even participate. Now, she owns her own dojo.

Police: Albany man caught with illegal gun on 787

North Adams loses 'Small Business Revolution' contest to Pennsylvania city

Hoosick Falls Village Board to consider revised PFOA agreement

7 Earth-size worlds found orbiting star; could hold life

Early morning Glenville crash knocks out power

Dollar General announces plans for Amsterdam distribution center

Petersburgh's air and water still in flux but improving

Rotterdam aquarium welcomes 100,000th guest

In Depth: Amsterdam sewage continues to flow

Hiring freeze vs recruitment drive: how is it possible?